Covid-19 Contactless Clearance

We totally understand that our clients along with ourselves all need to be extremely careful when coming in contact with people so as from the 10th of March 2020 we have been offering a completely contactless service.

Once we have established your clearance needs there’s several possible options to keep us all safe.

Option number 1
The property keys can be posted to us. This can be done by recorded delivery. Once clearance is complete we will email pictures of the cleared property and return the keys in the same secure manner. This is a regular practice for our oversea’s clients or clients that live a long distance from the clearance property.

Option number 2
Some of our clients prefer to be present whilst the clearance is undertaken. In these circumstances we ask our client to allow us access to the property and then simply keep to the social distance guidelines set out by the Government. This can be done by waiting in a car or with a neighbour or in a room of the property once it’s been cleared, keeping our clients and our team members safe. This allows you to inspect the property in person before we leave.

Option number 3
Leaving the property keys with a responsible person. This can be with a neighbour, estate agent, solicitor or anyone that lives or works local to the clearance property. The keys can be returned back to the place of collection once the clearance is complete. Once again pictures can be emailed to you on clearance completion.

Option number 4
If the property has a key safe simply forward us the code to allow ourself into the property, pictures of the cleared property can be emailed on completion and the key will be locked back in the safe.

There is no extra cost for any of these options, so please call us on 0800 193 0183 or 07447 489261, or feel free to email us with any of your clearance requirements.

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