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When you contact SDH House Clearance Service to discuss your domestic property clearance you can be assured that from that point on you will receive nothing but the very best in customer service, and experience a hassle free experience.

We are passionate about what we do and our planet!
Not only are we passionate about what we do, we are also very proud to do it too. Our polite, courteous staff are only too happy to help with every request and we will show you the greatest respect at all times. With years of experience and a great understanding on what we do, we feel our house clearance service strongly competes with all “legal” house clearance businesses in England.

Not only are we passionate about property clearance, we are also passionate about saving the environment. We try very hard to recycle as much from each clearance as we can. We are proud to say that at least 90% of every clearance we do is either recycled, re-homed or donated. This approach means we send less to landfill and put items back to the market for other people to use and appreciate, rather than buying new. We’re proud to be doing our bit to save the planet.

Respectful and courteous
We appreciate that often the items we will be moving during a domestic/house clearance have sentimental value and hold lots of family memories. Our on site team will ensure that the items will be carefully handled in the correct manner during the clearance, while in transit and when they arrive at our warehouse.

Going the extra mile
At SDH house clearance service we will go the extra mile to show a continuous high standard of service, our main priorities is to give you, our client, complete piece of mind and a professional service from the minute we deal with your enquiry until the time we leave the cleared property.

We also try and keep things as simple as possible, making it easy for everyone to have a complete understanding on each stage of the clearance,  so from the first telephone call (or email) to the clearance completion you’ll know what to expect.

What happens when you get in touch with SDH House Clearance Service?
When you get in touch with us we will ask you to provide a few details including:

  • Your name and contact details (ie phone, mobile and email)
  • Clearance property location and postcode
  • Clearance property type, and if there are any other buildings (ie garage, sheds etc)
  • Type of clearance*
  • Number of rooms to be cleared
  • Any accessibility issues and restrictions we should be aware of

*There are the different types of clearance that we offer for domestic/residential house clearances, we classify these as:

Standard – a house/building that is full of all the usual amount of household items that were used in day to day living and life.

Cluttered – a house/building that has more than the usual household items, we’d expect to find in a standard house clearance. 

Hoarders – a house/building that contains a lot more than the usual household items we’d deal with for a cluttered house clearance, with rooms/areas that are full and, that make moving around the property very difficult.

If you are not sure what type of clearance you need from us, our helpful staff will ask a few questions to help us determine which of our domestic/residential house clearance services is required. We may ask you to provide photographs during this stage of the enquiry to help us agree on the right clearance type.

A FREE no obligation quote
Once we have collected together the necessary information we will be able to confirm a cost which will also be emailed and/or posted to you – this is a FREE no obligation quote. The quote will also detail the agreed date and time of the clearance, and information about payment methods – including whether you want to arrange for payment to be made before the clearance date or the day of the clearance completion.

If you have any questions about the quote please do ask us either at the time of enquiry or when you receive the quote email.  We welcome you to get in touch with us so we can help you further.

Do you need more information?

If you have any questions about our domestic/residential house clearance service you may find a visit to our FAQs page useful – here you will find answers to the following:

How much does it cost for a Domestic or House Clearance?

How can I pay for the clearance when we have agreed the price and date?

How much can you fit in one van?

What happens if you find something valuable?

Does someone have to be there to meet your team when the van(s) arrive at the property?

What is classed as clearance “waste”?

…As well as lots more information that you may want to know before you get in touch with us.

Visit our FAQs page here.

Get a FREE no obligation quote today!

If you have a domestic or residential property or building that needs to be cleared please get in touch with SDH House Clearance Service on 0800 193 0183 or email. Our friendly and professional team are waiting to help you.

You can also send a video showing the clearance property along with your postcode using WhatsApp or email for an exact quote.


We aim to recycle, re-home or donate at least 90% of every clearance we do. We’re proud to do our bit to look after our environment.


Request your quote today and compare our prices and service. We think you’ll be pushed to find anyone better.


Whether you need a domestic/residential house clearance or commercial/business premises clearance – we can handle it.