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Thank you for visiting our website, I am Steve Haselgrove – the owner of SDH House Clearance Service. I appreciate that when you are making the decision on who to choose for your property clearance you will want to take more than just the cost and service into account, so I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about my background and why SDH House Clearance Service was started.

I moved to Cambridgeshire from Essex in 2007, leaving a managers position at a well respected funeral directors in Dagenham. I’ve always been very ambitious and could never really settle because although I enjoyed working at the funeral directors, my ultimate dream was to be my own boss, doing a job that I felt was rewarding, worthwhile and making a difference. I started attending general auctions – buying and selling to give me a moderate living. Through spending time and getting to know people at the auctions I quickly learnt where most of the auction lots were coming from! I found it fascinating, but also quite sad, to learn that most of the items in the auctions were from house clearance where people had passed away.

As my friendship grew with several people at the auction houses I was quickly offered work helping out clearing properties with several house clearance companies. I found this hard work but also very interesting. I worked with a total of four different companies, only on a casual basis, and noticed that the one thing they all had in common were very low working standards. I remember there was no compassion, no dignity and no thought of what they were actually dealing with. I’d not long left a company in Essex where the standards couldn’t of been any higher, which was something I had loved about that job – and working with companies where service and respect was so low was very difficult for me to deal with.

Gaining many years of experience dealing with bereaved families I found there was a connection with my present situation. Once again, quite often, I was in the company of bereaved people having to clear out their loved one’s homes and I really felt this gave me a huge advantage over the other guys I was working with. I had gained a much better understanding of how people were truly feeling and had the training to deal with it, therefore offering a more compassionate understanding service. The second thing that really stood out to me while working with these companies was the massive amount of waste. So much of the contents of these homes were going to landfill, it just seemed crazy, whole chest of drawers full of it’s contents straight in the skip, perfectly good furniture, bags and bags of clothes, bedding, canned food, literally all sorts of good reusable items being taken off to be buried at landfill sites. I knew I could do better.

So I put a plan in place and started small with one van, no staff, and a small house clearance advert in our local newspaper. I began picking up the odd clearance here and there, and very slowly, but surely, I started clearing properties of my own more and more regularly.

Since we started, the business has grown bigger and stronger, and SDH House Clearance Service now regularly clears properties all over the East Anglian region. We have our own secure depot where the house clearance contents are organised into different categories to be sent off to their new homes and destinations. The part of the job that drives me to keep going, apart from offering the continuous high standard of work, is knowing I’m doing my bit for the environment. I love the thought of keeping thousands of items from just simply entering landfill and going to waste. This to me is the biggest and most satisfying part of my job.

Steve Haselgrove

So why choose us?
Well apart from the fact we have been dealing with house clearance contents since 2009 and have plenty of experience conducting house clearances in a professional, honest and respectful manner – our customers tell us they choose us because we are also fully insured (covering vans, team members and property) – and this gives them peace of mind from the minute we arrive to the moment we leave.

They also consider that as we are licensed by the environmental agencies to carry house clearance waste it means when we do a clearance we literally clear everything. We provide the ultimate hassle free service at a time they really need that reliability.

And to those clients who are as passionate about saving the environment as we are – then the fact that we try to recycle, re-home or donate at least 90% of every clearance is a key deciding factor for them too.

We really do pride ourselves in offering you the best property clearance service we can, so if you have a domestic property or business premises that needs clearing I hope that you will get in touch with us for your FREE no obligation quote.

1 bedroom flat clearance

Rated 5.0 out of 5
October 27, 2023

I have used Steve and his team before and was really impressed, so contacted them to do a clear out of my Dad’s flat as he has had to go into a care home. Unfortunately, I contracted Covid a day before they were due to come. Thankfully, Steve and his team were really accommodating and went in the flat without me present with a list of items/furniture I requested to be taken to the charity shop.

They cleared the flat very quickly and efficiently, and delivered the items to the charity shop. I’m really impressed yet again with their high quality service.


2 bed house clearance - superb!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
August 4, 2023

Well I have had the absolute pleasure of Steve and his lovely colleague clear out my house today and what hardworking troopers they are. Everything cleared as requested including emptying cupboards, wardrobes and outbuilding. Leaving items I had labelled up to stay.

What an incredible service. I would highly recommend and use again if required in the future.

Sarah-Nyree Ashby

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 99 reviews)
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