Q. How much will it cost for a House Clearance?

A. Years of experience tells us that no two house or domestic clearances are the same. We also know this is not something you may have had to deal with before and will possibly need some guidance.


Our friendly and experienced staff talk to our clients to try and gain the best understanding of your requirements and circumstances. This gives us the opportunity to complete the clearance in an affordable and professional manner.


Our Luton vans have a loading volume of 25 square cubic yards (that’s approximately 500 full black bin liners!) and gross weight of 3.5 tonnes. We aim to keep things as simple as possible giving you one overall price, with no hidden or extra costs.


Our trained staff are here to help with your property clearance, offering very competitive prices and advice.


Please get in touch with us on 0800 193 0183, or (mobile) 07447 489261  or email us to discuss your requirements. We will give you a free no obligation quote based on your exact needs.


Q. How much will it cost for a Commercial Clearance?

A. Our charges are very simple and the cost for Clearance is the same for both Domestic and Commercial Clearance.

Please get in touch with us on 0800 193 0183, or (mobile) 07447 489261 to discuss your requirements. We will give you a free no obligation quote based on your exact needs.

Q. What areas do you cover?

A. SDH House Clearance Service is based in Gorefield, near Wisbech which puts us perfectly positioned to serve the Counties of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. But we don’t just stop there, we are happy to travel to the top of Lincolnshire and Greater Manchester, as far across as Cheshire, Herefordshire and Somerset, and down to Dorset, Hampshire and Kent.

Q. How can I pay for the property clearance when we have agreed the price and date?

A. We are fully equipped with up to date card readers enabling us to receive simple payment over the telephone. We also have a mobile card reader allowing you to pay by card at the property once the clearance is completed, bank credit transfers, cash or cheque are also welcome.

Q. Can I cancel the property clearance if I change my mind?

A. We ask for a minimum of 48 hours cancellation notice, this allows us to reopen the dates/times for another customer. Our simple terms and conditions (pdf) are provided with your free quote.

Q. How much can you fit in one van?

A. Our vans have a capacity of 25 square cubic yards (that’s approximately 500 full black bin liners!) and can carry a gross weight of 3.5 tonnes. But what does that actually mean? To give you a idea of capacity of our Luton vans would be to compare them to a standard builders 6 – 8 yard skip meaning we can move 3-4 times per of the average skip you’ll see on a private driveway.


On average our Luton vans will hold the contents of a standard two bedroom house.

Q. Will you take away everything?

A. To give you an idea of what we can take – General household items include:


  • Furniture
  • White goods
  • Clothing
  • Bedding
  • Curtains
  • Carpets
  • Toys
  • Tv’s
  • Electrical items
  • China
  • Kitchen contents including food
  • Bathroom contents
  • Garden tools
  • Garden furniture
  • Garden ornaments
  • Bikes
  • Cars
  • Bric-a-brac


Basically all general household and garden items including garages, workshops, sheds and loft spaces.


Items we are unable to take include: rubble, soil, green garden waste, plasterboard, tyres, asbestos, and toxic items.


If you are not sure if something in your property is on the “yes” list, please get in touch to check with us.


Q. What won't you take away?

A. Items we are unable to take include:


  • Rubble
  • Soil
  • Green garden waste
  • Plasterboard
  • Tyres
  • Asbestos
  • Toxic items


 If you are not sure if something in your property is on this list, please get in touch to check with us.


Q. Will you only do “complete/whole” property clearances?

A. No, we are also happy to clear one room or a specific number of rooms. We often get asked to just clear a garage, shed or loft space. Please let us know when you contact us what your requirements are. We are alway happy to assist.

Q. What happens if you find something valuable?

A. If we agree that there are items of value or of interest, we will make an offer and pay for those items in cash on the day of the clearance. We will always be as fair with you as possible regarding any purchase.

Q. Is the SDH House Clearance Service team professional?

A. Our team is very professional and wear our SDH uniform with company logos clearly displayed. We use both male and female team members, and everyone who is part of the SDH House Clearance Service team is professional and respectful to our customers at all times.

Q. Can I trust you and your team to remove the furniture and other items carefully?

A. Our team is very professional and experienced when moving furniture around and when exiting the property. We are always very respectful when carrying out our clearance service. If you have any concerns about the property or access to the property please let us know when you contact us.

Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, SDH House Clearance Service is fully insured – this cover includes the properties we are clearing, our team members and our vans. This gives our customers peace of mind from the minute we arrive to the minute we leave.

Q. Does someone have to be there to meet your team when the van(s) turn up to the property?

A. We totally understand that for a number of reasons some of our customers choose not to be present, or are unable to be available when the property is being cleared. Keys can be sent and returned via recorded delivery, or left with estate agents, Solicitors, or neighbours. If you cannot be present on the day of the agreed clearance photographs can be taken of the cleared property and emailed to you, giving you complete peace of mind of job completion.

Q. What happens to the items that are removed during the property clearance?

A. We are passionate about recycling and over the years we have learnt many ways of stopping household items entering landfill. We have given thousands of items new homes and are proud to say we recycle re-home and donate on average, 90% of what we clear. This in turn gives us a great savings on landfill costs allowing us to pass that saving onto our customers.

Q. What is clearance waste?

A. We try our very hardest to recycle, re-home and donate at least 90% of every clearance we do. This in turn keeps our landfill costs down allowing us to pass this saving onto our customers. Unfortunately waste is part of the process of clearing a house and these are some of the waste items regularly cleared by our professional team:


  • Old carpets
  • Old broken fridges
  • Soiled bedding
  • Old dirty damaged clothing
  • Damaged garden tools
  • Damp or mouldy items
  • Rodent infested waste
  • Rotten food
  • General household bin liner waste
Q. Are you licensed to carry and remove clearance waste?

A. Yes, we are licensed by the environmental agencies to carry, remove and dispose of clearance waste. Our Environment Agency Waste Carriers License number is CBDU307154.

Q. How long have you been working in the property clearance business?

A. We have been dealing with house clearance contents since 2009 gaining vast experience conducting house clearances in a professional, honest and respectful manner.

Q. Why should I choose SDH House Clearance Service over over hiring a skip and doing it myself?

A. There are quite a few reasons why you would choose us to do your property clearance over hiring a skip and here they are; we can professionally move all the heavy items saving you hours of back breaking work, our team is likely to be in and out of the property in 3-4 hours (in most cases), you won’t need a permit from the council like you do to put a skip on the road, you avoid the worry of your skip being filled up over night by fly tippers, you won’t need to worry about people helping themselves to personal, and private belongings and there is no unsightly and undignified mess at the property for days waiting for the skip to be collected.


We think these are all pretty good reasons to call us in rather than hiring a skip – and if you agree, just call us!